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24-hour Emergency Response Tree Service!

Arborscapes Storm Damage & Emergency Response Services 

Occasionally in the Kamloops area, we experience severe storm conditions (wind and snow loading). Proper preventative practices such as crown thinning and cleaning as well as cabling and bracing help to preserve trees from storm damage.

In the event of large or sudden storms, Arborscapes is available to assist in any size of cleanup. Contact us now!

Professional Services Offered

A storm can wreak tremendous havoc on your property, and dealing with it on time becomes critical to protect your investment. Arborscapes provides Kamloops residents with 24-hour storm damage recovery services. We understand that you are already worried about the damage caused. Our team consists of tree removal and storm recovery specialists who carry out services safely, without causing any further damage to your property.

Storm-damaged trees can become heavy and should be trimmed or removed only by experts. They can prove to be dangerous as well. With years of experience in the industry, we have dealt with big trees uprooting and causing damage to other houses, cars, trees or properties. For this reason, we strongly recommend calling us when you have a tree emergency. Rest assured that we are available 24 hours to come to your help quickly.


Arborscapes maintains the integrity of the environment and your property after the completion of our services. We leave your site neat and clean after the job is done.


Post Storm Damage Control

Has a snowfall or storm caused damage to your trees? Rely on us for a thorough cleanup.

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