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Stump Grinding by Arborscapes

After the removal of your tree(s), we can provide you with a stump grinding service. Our machine grinds the stump into woodchips to a maximum depth of 8”-10” below the soil surface. Large surface roots can also be reduced.

Stump chips are usually left until soil replaces the hole and grass seed is applied. Another option is keeping the chips on-site as mulch for shrub beds or under existing trees.

Contact Arborscapes in Kamloops to schedule your tree or shrub pruning services.

Property Cleanup for Space Usage

Want to remove the unsightly stumps on your property? Arborscapes offers quick and efficient stump grinding services in Kamloops. Our team earnestly focuses on the safety of your property. We acknowledge the importance of trees and undertake removal only when necessary. 

To proceed with the stump grinding procedure, we ensure to obtain the necessary clearance certificates from the authorities. It is our (the contractor’s) responsibility to obtain such certificates before digging your property. We connect with utility companies to identify underground gas, bell, hydro, cable and water. We also adhere to grinding depths as determined by the location specifications. All this is done to make your space look more welcoming, beautiful and spacious.


We leave your property spotless after the completion of our services. 


Improve Your Property

Add space to your lawn or garden with professional stump grinding services in Kamloops.

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